Creativity is a too common idea whose definitions differ from individual to individual relying on their cultural background, socioeconomic and political standing. Creativity is troublesome to calculate.

Performing checks to find out about someone’s’ creativity provides us an concept the place his/her creativity lies. Testing permits us to reach at an clever inference about an individual’s type and his/her preferences. If we accomplish, we will clarify to individuals with logical causes, how meritorious it’s to study to assume creatively.

Following are the examples of such creativity exams which are being employed since a few years

1. Drawing the other

On this the pupils are required to attract 1inch diagram subsequent to the check idea or a phrase that’s the antonym of the phrase that’s highlighted. This check permits us to utilize our perceptions, creativeness and our creativity.

2. Essay check

Whereas writing essays, the artistic considering of the author can simply be observed based mostly immediately on the information of the author and his/her reminiscence. This check permits us to guage the talents of drawback fixing and creativeness

three. Flexibility checks

On this check the scholars ought to be knowledgeable earlier than hand concerning the grading. The solutions which are least anticipated and most uncommon are given larger factors regardless of being right.

four. Write the opposites

On this check the scholars are advised to write down opposites of the phrases subsequent to it. Artistic individuals are capable of give fast solutions than those that are common thinkers.

5. Phrase and picture matching

On this check the diagrams are positioned and college students are advised to match the absolute best phrase that matches.

6. A number of Selection exams

Getting ready a number of-selection solutions for a single query is boring however it’s the greatest software to guage the creativity of individuals and this technique has been confirmed to work by analysis too. Ask the scholar to decide on the improper reply and report the quickness of the response.

7. Brief reply and definition:

This isn’t a creativity measure as pupils are additionally requested to write down the brief description of a sure time period. It is going to develop into a gauge for creativity if these college students are requested to write down down the other phrases of the phrases.

eight. Fluency check

In this sort of check college students are requested a query that has two to 3 proper solutions and are evaluated accordingly. The variety of various solutions are additionally recorded together with the individuality of every reply. College students are additionally informed to grade their very own reply and rank it accordingly relying on the rightness of the reply based mostly on their notion.